Corn Maze Rules

These rules are meant to keep the maze fun for everyone!

• No Running or Horseplay inside the maze.

• Please Stay on the Paths.

Short-cuts permanently damage the maze and ruin the fun for everyone.

• No Vandalism.

Vandalizing will not be tolerated. Do not pick, throw, or damage the corn, or other objects found inside the maze.

• No Smoking or open flame is permitted in the corn maze.

• Keep the Maze Clean.

Please keep our maze clean and use the trash cans provided.

• Call for Help.

If you get lost or want to leave the corn maze immediately, please do not walk outside the corn maze paths. Call us on your cell phone and someone will find you and walk you out.

• Use Restrooms.

Do not go to the bathroom inside the corn maze. Restrooms are available on the farm and should be used before entering the corn maze.

• Be Courteous.

Please be courteous to others. Do not scare or disrespect other people inside the corn maze.