We currently offer five varieties of trees for sale as Christmas trees:

White Pine, Scotch Pine, Norway Spruce, Fraser Fir, and Blue Spruce.

White Pine:
This is a variety is characterized by long soft needles giving your tree a soft feel and look. White pine is also a very lightweight tree and when baled is very thin and easy to handle. If you have very heavy ornaments, you may need to be creative in hanging them on this tree.



Scotch Pine:
Scotch pine is a variety that easily holds as many ornaments as you would like. It is characterized by medium to long needle length and is usually very full.


Norway Spruce:
This tree makes a beautifully shaped tree and has characteristically short and “prickly” needles. The branches are strong and can hold medium to heavy ornaments. **The National Christmas tree association recommends cutting this tree within 1-2 weeks of Christmas.


Fraser Fir:
This is the tree most people think of when they think of a Christmas Tree. When you bring a Fraser Fir into your home you will “smell” the aroma of Christmas. This odoriferous tree has a similar look to the Norway Spruce, but unlike the Norway it does not have prickly needles. This tree can support ornaments well. Fraser Firs are not adapted to our local climate. We receive the trees immediately after they are cut and upon receipt place them in fresh water to keep them alive the entire Christmas season. Every tree is unique, but most of them will still be fresh through New Years, even if you put it up in November.


Blue Spruce:
This tree has similar needles to the Norway Spruce, but instead of green it’s needles are bluish colored. The branches of the Blue Spruce variety can easily support your ornaments.