Christmas Trees

We are committed to offering a variety of trees in order for your Christmas tree to be the perfect tree EVERY year. We currently offer 5 varieties of Christmas trees. With every tree purchase we will: Cut, Shake, Bale, and Drill your tree for free!
We shake your tree to remove any “dead” needles left over from the trees natural growing process of shedding old needles in order to keep your floor clean. We also are proud to bale your tree using a Howie Tree Baler, the way commercially grown trees are shipped, which aides in hauling and set up of your tree. We will drill a tapered hole in the trunk of your tree for easy setup on one of our tapered pin stands or your own pin stand.

Trim Shake & Bale from Jeremy on Vimeo.

In addition to trees we also sell:
Wreaths pre-made or made to order.
Prolong® (Tree Preservative It REALLY works)
Tree Stands
Roping (White pine or Fraser Fir.)

“Buy Your Pumpkin Tag Your Tree”
Beginning in September of every year, when you shop at Goebel Farms you can tag your tree early to make sure you get the perfect tree**. When you tag your tree early you can call us 24 hours before you would like to pick your tree up and we will cut, shake and at your request bale your tree for easy handling.

Check out our “Real Tree Misconceptions” page to dispel any you may have about Real trees.

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*You may come out any time after September 1, to tag your tree.
**Although we make every effort to ensure your tree remains available to you, we occasionally have a “bad apple” who will tear an honest person’s tag off. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.