Christmas trees, wreaths and roping!

Fraser fir trees have arrived!

Our fir trees have arrived! We have over 500 precut trees in stock with over 100 on display. We only received 6 large trees of the 24 that we ordered, we are hoping to receive the others soon. We are stocked up on tree stands, trays, tree bags and of course prolong!

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We also have 9 acres to choose from. As always we will, cut, shake, drill and bale (wrap with twine) your tree for free!

Please be prepared to tie your own tree on your vehicle if you can’t fit it in your trunk. We have trunk ties that hold your trunk mostly closed after wrapping the tree you can usually fit it in your vehicle.

We will be closed Monday’s this year. Our hours will be 9 am to 5 pm Tues.- Sat. and 11:30 – 5 pm Sunday.



Goebel Farms has been serving the Evansville tri-state area with excellent service and high quality products for three generations.

A few of the many items we supply the tri-state include:

Pumpkins and winter squash
Indian Corn
Christmas Trees
Live ball & burlap trees