Corn Maze Construction

Corn Maze CreationOur Corn Maze Story…

Our maze begins as humbly as a simple corn field. But with a little creative effort and a little time at the computer screen, we have a picture that’s ready to be cut out in the corn field. Before we can use our picture, however, we must first size the image to the scale of the field. Then, it takes a few careful measurements to coordinate our picture with GPS points in the corn field and finally we have a useful design ready to be mapped out.

Once we have the initial work done we strap a GPS system on and load the design we created into a handheld computer. Then just like tracing a picture with a pencil we trace our image on the computer screen.

As the image is being traced on the screen we spray the corn path to kill the corn.

The Corn surrounding our path continues to grow and pretty soon someone flying overhead can begin to see a ‘picture’ in a corn field. -And better yet you get to have fun getting lost in a maze of corn!